Hi guys, my gyno has ordered me some blood tests to be done on CD3. I got my period around 7pm on Friday night. So my question is, do I count Friday as CD1? I was thinking maybe because it didn't happen till night time maybe I should just count Saturday as my CD1? The blood tests are ones where I have to fast for a minimum of 8hrs. So If I call Friday CD1 then technically today (sunday) is CD3....which I haven't fasted for and would have had to do thismorning (which I didn't' it wouldn't have been 3 full days of having my period) So will I be ok to go ahead and get them done tomorrow morning if I fast tonight. Technically today at pretty much about this time (7pmish) I have had my period for 3 whole days exactly. Will tomorrow morning be too late?? Its really getting me confused! I wonder how flexible they are with the timing...I really want to get it right this time round and have the most accurate results possible, don't want to bugger it up by doing it too late! It would have been easier to work out if I had of just got my period in the morning and not at night!! Anyways, any responses ASAP would be great, Im about to start fasting and Ill just go ahead with it in the morning anyways and see what they say, just hope I haven't got it wrong!