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    Default 7 month old wont drink milk

    Both my babies refusd their milk feeds when they hit 7mths and more varitety of food was introduced. My DD was completely weaned off formula at 10mths (she just wouldnt take any) and went on to grow and thrive completely normal.
    My DS is 7mths and is taking 200mls or less or formula the past 2 weeks.
    I know what most advice will be. Cut back on food, food is fun before one. Well that's not the case for us. He loves his food too much and screams if i stop feeding him before he's finished. I believe he eats quite well for a 7mth old. My DD was the same.

    This is what he has on a daily basis:
    7am 160-200mls milk
    8am - mashed banana and flaxseed or "kids" weetbix or baby cereal and fruit puree. Formula milk mixed in for consistency. Toast with avocado.
    11am offer 200ml bottle - flat out refuses. (Have recently been giving him jalna plain yoghurt and fruit puree mixed in instead and he gobbles it up)
    12pm lunch - uaually home made hommus or lentils with vegies mixed in, added formula milk for consistency. Chunks of poached fruit that he feeds himself.
    3pm - offer 200ml bottle - flat out refuses
    5pm dinner is usually a meat like chicken, red meat or fish which he eats (yes EATS) himself and puree vegies, cous cous or small soup pasta. Poached fruit that he feeds himself.
    6.30pm - offer 200ml bottle, takes 60mls or less.
    7pm bed for the night and sleeps through untill 7/8am.

    I want to get more formula into him only because i feel "i should?" but i dont want to force it or cut down his food as he is eating so well and still sleeping wonderfully.
    Seeing MCHN in a couple weeks. I just dont get why BOTH my kids went through this. DD is a FANTASTIC eater as a 2yr old.
    DS was starting to be less interested in formula as soon as we started food at 6tmhs, but he's just drinking less and less now to the point i dont know if it's normal, even though my dd did the same!
    DD started cow's milk at 11mths, from about 9mths she was just having 150mls of formula in a sippy cup before bed. That was it. MCHN said it was fine as she was eating so much.
    DS is only just starting to manage a bit of water in a sippy cup. He has 3-4 bowel movements per day and nis napp is wet every 2hrs whn i change him.
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