Hi all, I'm hoping this is the right board to post on.
So in Wednesday I ended up spending most of the day in hospital with severe pain in my left side. When they asked if I was pregnant I kinda of scoffed at the idea but when she brought the positive test over my heart leap and sank at the same time. Yes we are happy about the result but from past history know that the pain I'm having is never a good sign. Turns out I also have a uti so fingers crossed that is what is causing most of the pain. The other option is another ectopic pregnancy. I'm due to have more blood test today and was supposed to have another scan but they cancelled it due to "not being worth it as its too early" and they don't want to waste my time. So it's a waiting game of three weeks to find out!!!

So quick background, this is my 11th (!!!!) pregnancy, we have lost 5 early on, one at 18weeks that I went into early labour and had placenta previa, 2 ectopics and they have removed my right tube and ovary. And then an operation o remove a septum in my uterus. We now have a teenager (miracle, never knew anything was wrong) then all that I between and finally were blessed with our now 2 year old.

We had resigned ourselves recently to the fact that we were done, that we just weren't going to fall pregnant again so this came unexpected, but I hate the fact that we just can't be happy about it even for 5 minutes in case it's an ectopic. I hate waiting, I'm not a very patient person and to have o wait that long for this type of news is worse.