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    Quote Originally Posted by ~BEXTER~ View Post
    He stopped caring once I stopped having sex with him.
    I think you'll find the man is incapable of caring in the true sense. He cares about himself and needs people (particularly women) running around after him stroking his ego- he feels entitled. He uses children as a pawn in his game as well as playing on your sense of decency and desire to emotionally support your children. You will never be able to win at his game because he keeps changing the rules to suit him. You are trying to apply logic to his dumbness. Not going to work. I would be telling your children age appropriate information. I would possibly be making an appointment with a child psych if I needed the words. These children are going to be stuffed around by this idiot for years to come so it may help. I'd also be getting my own counselling if I wasn't already. From your posts you seem like a lovely gentle woman who could do with a few more skills to manage this idiot (strict boundaries, ability to say **** off you ******). You deserve waaaaaaay better than this man and you have given waaaaaaay more than he deserves. And yes, as a pp said- if you were my girlfriend I would be keeping you close and giving you a kick in the pants. Would you want your dd to date a dog like this? Treat yourself in the same way as you would dd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ourbradybunch View Post
    Omg this guy is a tool seriously but again omg do you not have girlfriends who give you a kick up the bum!!!

    Saying this all with love so pls don't think I'm being a b!tch & I'll admit I don't know the background story.

    But no no NO. This guy is being mentally abusive to you & being manipulative. Seriously how many yrs of your life have you wasted on him? Yrs you could have spent with a man who will treat you like gold. There's been no room for such a man because the spot has been half filled with this idiot.

    NO MORE. You sound like a wonderful mum, you really do, but you do not need to be a doormat so their father has a relationship with them. If he decides that because you won't take part in this bizarre triangle that he doesn't want to see his kids well make sure he shuts the door on his way out. Go to counselling for yourself, get your children some counselling. Stick together as a family & move on with your lives. Yes it's painful to your kids that he's a not great dad but do you really think they don't kind of see the situation for how it is? It's not a good example for the kids on what a happy healthy relationship is.

    This current situation needs to be the line in the sand for you. How heartbreaking for you, let that pain change the direction of your life for the better.

    Seriously if you were one of my girlfriends I'd have you under lock n key for a few months til you got your head straight & then we'd be out finding you a hot distraction😜😜😜
    Lol I like you, you're awesome hahaha.


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