Hi there
a little about me😊
i am 33 my husband 38
I was diagnosed with endometriosis may 2012. I had a laparoscopy and my dr removed the endo (mild case)
My husband and i have been trying to fall pregnant for 2 years.. I have a 4 year which I had naturally with no complications or issues and now we are desperately trying for no2 but everything seems to be failing! I have also been through 2 fresh cycles of Ivf and 1 FET with no success! At Christmas 2012 to our surprise πŸ˜›I feel pregnant naturally but unfortunately discovered 10 weeks later I had a blighted ovum.. πŸ˜‚
I have been seeing a medical herbalist for 6 months now which I believe is having some positive affect with my body. Lots of diff hebs chase tree, tribulus forte, selenium, pre natal, vit c, magnesium, coq10 and endo fem. As for the past year of monitoring my cycle and ovulation patterns, this month things are different! In the past I ovulated day 20-21 and right now it's day 15 and I have had a positive ovulation kit test... (2nd day darker result line) Bd last night...
The problem is for the last 2 months I have been experiencing ovary pain on and off throughout my cycle and especially around ovulation it's a lot more intense...
Could this be a strong sign my endo is back? I have lower back pain, tiredness and dizziness.
Can anyone help or have any advice..
Thank you