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Just hoping to get some idea of how much is normal. My lo is 13.5 months and is changing to one nap. The last couple of weeks have been crazy with him waking up at 5am every day so I'm hoping that was a phase!!!
At the moment he sleeps 7pm-6am (if I'm lucky) and then has one nap of 1.5-2hrs, that works out roughly as 12.5hrs in 24, does it seem too little? I thought they were supposed to sleep 13-14hrs? I'm also not sure how to make him sleep past 6am, 7-7 would be nice (and all bubs in my moms group do that!) do not sure why my lo doesn't I don't pick him up straight away when he wakes up, usually get him out of bed at 6.30...
I put my son to bed at 7/730ish and he never sleeps past 630 either. Kills me!