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    Yes, you need all these things that have mentioned by rachhasarrived. Babies need extraordinary care and I think shuttle bus and car with baby care sheets are best to travel from airport to hotel. You would reach in time.

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    We just travelled with 7 month old DD in Washington DC and NYC. She is around size 00, 8 kg and easily fit into the flat bassinet. We had a huge 1.5 yr old next to us who also fit into the bassinet so it is worth trying to use them as it makes your journey so much easier. We were flying from Europe, 10 hr flight, and I used 8 nappies easily ok the day flight there but the night flight home was just 2. Day vs night flying is a big consideration, day flight I had toys and a blanket to place on the floor so she had some lying play time. Night flight home she slept the whole way. We found in those US destinations taxis didn't have car seats, but the shuttle from the airport didn't care about us not having her just on our laps. The Safeway etc supermarkets have an amazing array of baby food in pouches, so made traveling and feeding solids easy. I second the carrier, especially for the last few hours of a day flight when bubs might get restless. Dd screamed the entire 20-30 minutes of takeoff, it is awkward but not the end of the world. We took her sleeping bag and comforter onto the flight, and just dressed in a long onsie.

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    Hi all thanks for the replies I just seen there was a new reply and thought I would give an update as we have already been and gone and it's all over.

    We ended up having to change our flight from October to April because I had to have an operation. The kids then were older. 2 and needed his own seat but that was ok coz we had got one for him anyway for the extra space and the twins were then 15 months.

    We decided the bassinets were not for us. And the kids were to big anyway. We asked for the last 2 rows of the plane so they could walk around and not disturb to many people. Best choice we made, we were able to let them have a good stretch of their legs and it was louder there too so their crying didn't really bother anyone and the noise I think kept them a bit calmer.

    We took a few baby food in squeeze tubes. Great coz I just threw that out when they were done, lighten the load hahaha we took plenty of snacks and made them a necklace each of fruit loops and Cheerios which they loved. We took a lot of cereal to snack on like milo and nutrigrain and Museli bars some m&ms, tiny teddies and sultanas. We also took some bread because they all love just a plain piece of bread. We got a plane meal for the boldest and they all shared that and ours anyway (well more so mine because I can't stomach the plane food (from air sickness). They were off formula by the time we left and we took milk, next time I would have just got it from the plane. But the milk situation was a nightmare. It was ok until we got to LA we took the milk in a cooler bag with ice packs and that was fine. Then we had to have American milk and I don't know what went wrong but the boys couldn't handle it and threw up everywhere after every bottle (thankfully they only had 2 bottles by then) but we had to put them bank on formula while we were there) on the way back was even worse. We stupidly made some formula ready to go and between it was so hot everywhere we went and the rooms aircon was broken and it had no fridge (who doesn't have a fridge in a room these days) and it went off so we had to go back to full milk. We got some on the plane and they only had the one bottle until we got home.

    We were lucky enough to get an extra seat on all flights, my mum and aunty came with us so we had the middle block of 3 seats. We took 3 umbrella strollers which made things super easy getting to the gate and we had it all down to a science when we went through the check points. Until someone pointed my mum and aunty to a different lane then we were all over the place and it was hectic.

    We took colouring books, small pack of duplo, a write and wipe thing (forget what they are called right now) a couple of puzzles like rubics cube. They can't do them obviously but they could move them around and they enjoyed that. We also took the iPad/iphone loaded with their favourite shows and movies. The TV in the head of the seat in front didn't really do much for them and they wouldn't keep the headphones in their ears because they were those little ones so we didn't worry about that.

    Otherwise they slept a lot of the flight. They were so much better than I thought they were going to be.

    If we go again I will just make then each a little back pack of things they like playing with and take a bag I can carry them all in if we need to. Like a green Krispy Kreme bag they are really big and fit a lot of stuff in them.

    I took 10 nappies per child and we used most of them so I wouldn't change that. We purposefully avoided potty training the oldest because we thought it would be easier for the airport and plane. And less stressful if he needed to go when he couldn't.

    I did take a blanket each but that was a waist on the plane because we used theirs but while in America it was great because they were used to them.

    I took 2 changes of clothes for each child. And I used 1 for each + plus an extra for one because he leaked (he is a leaker though and in the biggest nappy he can fill a nappy in seconds and I mean FULL from front to back, it's crazy how much he wees)

    As for flights we left in the middle of the day which was perfect because they got a bit of a play on the plane then they slept for a good chunk of it. We had a stop over in LA and we spent the day there, went to Santa Monica pier and caught a bus, that alone was an experience, then stayed over night in a hotel. Then another short flight to the next stop which was with family. Perfect.

    Coming home we also left in the afternoon but the stop in LA was 11 hours. Worst thing we did. The flight left LA at midnight. For the kids that was horrible. They had a nap before hand but we tried to keep them awake until we got in the flight. They were so grumpy by the time we got them on the plane. They were over tired and over traveling then. We should have stayed in LA over night again.

    Plus we had to catch a bus from the airport to the plane, and we had to take all the bags and strollers (we had 3 umbrella strollers) to the plane. It was difficult and stressful and hot.

    Next time I would limit myself to 3 small bags for the kids (1 each for toys and snacks and clothes) that fit into one large bag (the Krispy Kreme bag) and one extra for our stuff.

    The iPad was a life saver for the oldest, the plane mostly kept the twins amused.

    As for snacks next time I would just chuck the cereals all in one large zip lock bag and take a couple of little Tupperware snack cups and put them in that for them to munch on and then I could get rid of the bag once it's done.

    They did use the colouring books for a second so next time I would just take a small pack of crayons each and one colouring book and rip out the pages if they wanted to colour. Unless they were really into colouring then I'd probably still take them a book each.

    They love duplo so I would still take a small bag of them.

    The transport from airports to hotels didn't care if we held the boys on our laps. And we didn't catch a taxi at all we caught a bus and also a limo haha for all of us it was cheaper than getting a tour bus around LA. That was fun but I think the tour buses you can see better.

    As for sleeping there. I thought we had organised port-a-cots with the mother in law and I am sure she said she had them but when we got there she said she just had a double blow up mattress on the floor next to the bed. That was fun! The mattress squeaked every time anyone on it moved. And my husband had to sleep on the between the twins because they would roll into each other and wake up and I slept on the bed with the eldest because the bed was to high for the twins and at least the blow up mattress was mostly boxed in. Was the worst 2 weeks of sleep.

    Also we have very inquisitive kids and they HAVE to touch EVERYTHING. In our house it's fine, because everything in baby proofed and safe. But at her house it was not and we had told her before going to move anything she didn't want them to touch and she said she had, when we got there she had moved nothing and she got annoyed at them touching everything she didn't want them touching. We said we told her and she said she thought they wouldn't bother with it. She never listens to anything!

    That's all I can think of right now. But for most part the kids were so much better than I thought they would be.

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    hello! I have done a fair few traveling with my 15mo son. 14 flights actually!

    Here are my tips :
    1. Arrive at the airport for the opening of check in, ie 3hrs hourly. They can't guarantee you a bassinet seat before then even though they say they can. Dont take your chances you'll need them!
    2. Take enough nappies for a flight delay. I usually take 12 for a 20hrs flight.
    3. Load the IPad with cartoons.
    4. Take only a few toys. 3 max. Lots of things to watch and do in planes - no need for toys.
    5. take a change of clothes for you. nothing like traveling covered with poo or vomit.
    6. ask for help from your fellow travelers. I always make friends in plane now that I have a baby. Really!
    7. take a sling/baby carrier and leave the pram home unless you need it for your holiday.

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    When we went to l.a we used Zippy Shuttle for our transfers (l.a hotel and return to disneyland) they provided carseats and also went out of their way to return my childs toy she left in the car they were not too expensive either

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