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    Default please help! Don't know if pregnant or something else going on??

    Hi all!

    Just needing some help/advice because please!! (sorry if this gets long)

    I have been off the pill for a month & my period was due yesterday (btw, we're not actually trying to conceive, I just needed to get another script for pill!). We had unprotected sex on the 14th july which I was a little concerned about as I knew it could have been possibly around ovulation just by rough calculations.

    Now I understand having pregnancy symptoms so soon after sex is highly unlikely but about a week after, I began feeling slightly nauseas most of the day, starting after breakfast. I even normally drink coffee every day but now I cant stomach it. I also have noticed a heightened sense of smell.

    Then about last wednesday, i was having mild period like cramps for a few days, but no period (which is weird for me), I also had a little CM that was tinted brown on Thursday. Since I have also been having little tugging sensations every now and then (feels different from period pain). I thought this was all a little weird and of course thought pregnancy.. However I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative.

    like I said above, my period was due yesterday and I'm normally really regular. I know its my first month off the pill, but I've been off the pill a few times before and I've never had this, my body has always gone back to normal straight away. I have also never had pms symptoms before

    Even though I tested negative, is there a chance of pregnancy? I dont know what else it could be & its freaking me out!! I know of course the best thing to do would be go to a dr, but i'm in a small town where appointments take weeks.. so just hoping in the meantime I could get some advice?

    would appreciate any help! thankyou

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    Some people have symptoms very early on, I know with my first one I didn't but knew I was pregnant about half an hour after I was late (I could time down to 15 mins of starting and stoping my monthlies) whereas with a couple I have felt pregnant up to a week before I was due.
    It's quite possible for the test to come up negative, but its also possible your body is just reacting differently this time coming off the pill. I'd wait a couple of days and test again, maybe use a different brand, hope it all works out for you

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    I came off the pull a few months ago (forgetfulness, doh!) and at first thought I might be pregnant.

    My symptoms were -
    couldn't stand coffee, to put that in perspective I don't have blood flowing through my body just coffee.
    Peeing NON STOP.
    Sore breasts
    Weird feeling down there
    Brownish discharge
    Feeling ill, starting in the morning and lasting all day. I could still go about my normal day but it was there IYKWIM

    Pretty much how I was with both boys.

    Turned out not pregnant.

    The reason I share this long winded story is to say yep, I had similar symptoms but it turned out to just be my bodies way of coming off the pill. Now I'm back to regular periods without the pill, and no pregnancy type symptoms.

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