Hi everyone,

My name is Suze and I am a second year Midwifery/Nursing student. Part of our government registration requires that we “follow the journey” of 20 pregnant women – preferably from their first trimester of pregnancy through to six weeks postpartum.

I live in Parkdale and am looking for mums to be who live anywhere from Elwood to Frankston. I’d love to support you through this very special time and can offer references from women who I have supported in the last 12 months.

A couple of important points:

Attending the birth is completely up to mum and her partner and a decision can be made closer to the time of birth

I am a mature age student who has 2 teenage children of my own

I am there to support your journey – whatever that may be. Every woman and every pregnancy and birth is different.

Please contact me and we can chat further.
Many thanks - Suze