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    Default How do you ever get any work done?

    I'm studying part time at uni. I had one year to go when I got pregnant, I was doing full time until then, but dropped back to one unit per semester for now (bub is 6 weeks). I have no time! It seems like I'm either looking after the baby, sleeping, or eating. My bub was born the day before my exam so I haven't sat my final from last semester yet. My unit coordinator rescheduled it for me for August so I would have time to get organised and study. I have barely had a chance to look over my notes at all.

    I'm supposed to be starting Semester 2 today. It's only one unit and it's external so I should manage ok...except bub hardly sleeps during the day and I don't know what to do to get time to do anything. My DF works full time so he't not around a lot to take bub for me.

    Any tips to help me get organised and motivated?

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    I'm doing part time study and never get anything done when the kids are home. One is of school age and the other is 2.5yrs old. I put the 2.5 year old in childcare two days a week and send both kids to their grandma's on Sunday's for the whole day. Is there someone who can watch your baby while you study?

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    I studied full time when DD was 2, but put her into daycare full time to do it! My biggest time saver though was downloading lectures on an MP3 player and listening while I did housework. For motivation I would set mini deadlines with rewards, as small as "You must finish this chapter before coffee and cake for morning tea" through to bigger ones like "finish essay draft before catching up with friends on Sunday". That way I would break the workload up into small, achieveable chunks.

    While I didn't study with a newborn I have had to do DH's bookwork with a newborn twice now and it would be a similar workload to what you're looking at.

    DD barely slept during the day so the first few months were really hard. Anything i wanted to do had to get done in the morning as she'd be grumpy all afternoon. Reminding myself of this would keep me motivated all morning and then afternoons/evenings would be all about bub.

    DS sleeps a lot better during the day which helps. But at 7 weeks he's becoming a lot more wakeful. The BAS has just been due so I can reveal that he has spent many hours in the bouncer with my foot bouncing him while I'm at the desk this week! I have an auto swing as well but he likes the bouncer better.

    It will get better, in a few weeks bub will be happier spening more time on the playmat or batting toys hanging over a bouncer/swing/pram. So I would really focus on exam study right now, as you probably won't get time for much else. If the new subject has no pressing deadlines, you will probably be ok to leave it until the exam is done as it will be around that time that bub will be getting easier and giving you more study time.

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    I would (and did) do whatever it took to get it done. Sleep all day, study at night and tidy and clean up on weekends when DP was home. And keep telling youself "only 6,5,4 months to go".

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