im a newbie here!

i did my non lodgment about 2 weeks ago, it came up i needed to contact ato so i did, they told me i do not need to lodge and will inform centrelink of that so that was the end.... WELL I THOUGHT!

my partner filed his tax return on the 21st it was est to be refunded today (29th) but because we did it through a tax agent we will most likely recieve it laster in the week.

it showed on up centrelink his income so i wonder where my supps were so i rang centrelink hello i have to do a tax return due to child support ive recieved!

i ring ato they then told me yes i have to! so i lodge one thru e-tax and had ato on the phone with me to assist me they then told me to ring centrelink and tell them i have done one, so i do they say yes they have recieved it from ato but it will take 3-4 weeks to get my supps!!!!!!

last year our situation is the same as this year only we had a 16 thousand loss in wages.

so my question is is all this normal? do i really have to wait 3/4 weeks for my supps?? lol