Just wondering if anyone has experienced something like this. We're TTC and I've been sharting basal temp for the last few months. This cycle my basal temp never went below my coverline (even after AF). It's at least 2 degrees higher than it has been any other month I've charted and never did the ovulation dip thing this month either. I've POAS and got a -ve. I'm a week away from AF being due again and haven't seen any drop in temp all month. Feeling nautious, tired, super hungry...
Spoke with dr and was told to just wait until next cycle and test again if nothing happened.
I've read that morning sickness symptoms can be 'all in your head' when you want pregnancy so much, but does that include basal temp? or is my body just being totally random.
Just felt like throwing it out there and seeing if anyone else had similar experiences