Hello Ladies , I am a student midwife and am in need of HELP. As part of my studies within this course, Iam to “follow” (attend your antenatal visits) women throughout their pregnancy and up to 6 week post-delivery,to offer you and your family support through all your antenatal, labour andpostnatal appointments.
Having a student midwife is a great way tohave the continuity of a known carer who can support you with your plans forlabour and delivery (birth plan), and don't forget partners/dad, it's great to have someone there that can keep them informed too. All interactionsare under the supervision of a registeredmidwife and/ or doctor, so you have thebest of care. If there is an aspect of your care you are unsure of and wouldlike more information, we can help research this information for you, so youcan be well informed when/if you need to make decisions within your pregnancy. If you think that you would like the extra support or are happy to help out a student midwife, please PM me with contact details or leave a message below and I will be more than happy to sent you more information and to answer any questions you may have. THANK YOU