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    I think people give women a hard time, often unnecessarily. This bullying is the only issue that I get on my soapbox about. Men largely avoid the same detailed, ridiculous scrutiny of everything they do, the way they relate to people, how they parent and how they look.

    I just think in a place like BH, where ttc, expecting or new mothers mostly come for support, that there should be a lot less criticism of other mums who wouldn't be here if being a mother wasn't an important part of their identity. I think there are some mean spirited conversations with a "bad mother" message to people who have had different experiences or make choices in circumstances that are different to your own with the common theme being parenting or birth. I assume that most people, even critical ones, have good intentions (though there are mean spirited trolls in every forum) but I would urge people to give women a break and be mindful that they are here for support and not to defend their choices.

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    I judge people who start threads about judging judgers, not cool man, not cool!

    I always giggle when people are like "it's so rude to judge people"...ummmm...didn't you just judge someone as being rude? Also, everyone does it, even if they don't admit it. Judgement doesn't have to be a bad thing but it literally is the forming of an opinion based on the evidence at hand, it's impossible to go about our daily lives without judging people and things unless we're in a walking coma! (So definitely possible pre your morning cup of coffee! )

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