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    Default Does insulin injections = early induction?

    Hi everyone. I had diet controlled GD with my last pregnancy and had DS at 39 weeks by natural means. I'm now 23wks pregnant with my second (only got diagnosed at 19wks due to scheduling issues with the hospital) and my readings are getting really bad. They're not necessarily in any order, but I'm going over once every day (never the fasting, and rarely breakfast) and I sort of can explain it, like it's obviously certain foods (eg. any kind of bread, cereal or potato) while the milk, fruit and usually rice get good readings, but I'm getting really hungry without something starchy, excersising doesn't always seem to help and I don't see me dealing with it for another 17ish weeks as the depression from getting a bad read is getting me irrationally upset.

    Of course I'm going to talk to the midwife/dietician/doctor, and I'm not all that worried about having to take insulin (though to be honest, it does make me feel like a bit of a failure, even though I know it's not really my fault) but as I won't be able to get in for 1-2 weeks I just wanted some info on everyone's experiences or the advice they've been given.

    If I go on insulin will this mean I'll have to be induced at 38wks? Is that just something standard that they do? Or is that something totally dependant on the doctor/hospital?
    Will I have to go in more frequently to the hospital for check ups or prescriptions or anything?
    I really don't like my doctor, he's very unhelpful, unsupportive and to be honest there's a language barrier and I can't understand him... I'm going public but have only ever seen the one doctor... Do you know if follow ups can be seen by a midwife, or if on insulin will I be stuck with a Dr?

    thanks in advance, I was having a terrible day until I remembered Bubhub wasn't just for Due In Group chat

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    I can only answer going from my SIL experience. She went onto insulin injections, her baby was larger then her other children but they still let her go to term and wasn't induced.
    The only thing different was she had to see the OB and dietician monthly and the Mw was inbetween.
    Different hospitals do different things though I guess. And please don't feel like a failure unfortunately pregnancy does weird things to our bodies which isn't yours or babies fault.

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    I had it with ds & I was on insulin from 28 weeks. I was induced early due to his size & previous tearing issues with dd they didn't want him to get any bigger & I refused to carry to term & have a c section. Apart from a lot of hospital appointments & ultra sounds the insulin made no difference to my outcome. It was based on his size & big babies run in my family anyway so chances are this could have been genetic as much as it could have been gd. Ds is now 4 perfectly healthily.

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