Replying to an old thread but thought I'd add my two cents in 2017. I thought going public would be fine and I guess it is if you don't expect any sort of level of care whatsoever. No continuity, the doctors and midwives scramble about and because you see a different one each time it's really been up to me to remind them about my needs ie glucose testing and anti-D shots. Wait times can be up to 2 hours after your 'scheduled appointment'. Some of the doctors are brilliant and they are all very nice but expect to be treated by interns and poked and prodded by student midwives and doctors. I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix at 20 weeks and I feel that for a higher risk pregnancy it hasn't been taken seriously at all. Even had one doctor tell me there is no evidence it's linked to preterm labour, and I have to beg to be rescanned. If I were with a private ob I would be rescanned every 2-4 weeks to monitor cervical length. If I had my time again I would have gone private. The facilities are good and the doctors and midwives are good and I am grateful that we in Australia have this available to us through Medicare but the care is very rushed and impersonal. You only get what you pay for in this world I guess! If I had my time again I would have gone private.