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    Hi There, I am so spanking new to the forum, I hope you can forgive my lack of acronyms and overlook that I may be asking a question someone else has (I did search first). I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am just reviewing my vitamins as my vitamin D was low. I take the Natural Fertility Management (NFM) and it seems that my vitamin D needs to be boosted above what NFM can offer. But semi-alarmingly I notice that an ingredient in NFM is potassium iodide. Googling this ingredient does not seem good for pregnancy - but then I know that iodine is. Are they the same thing? Is anyone else taking NFM? And how much potassium iodide do you take? I have very low blood pressure which I use as an excuse to MAX out on the iodised salt...maybe I am getting too much?

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    i would check with a doctor before messing around with iodine
    for vitamin D - enjoy an hour sitting in the Winter sun, so the rays can touch your skin. This is the best vitamin D you can get.
    I too am pregnant, 6 weeks
    good luck with your pregnancy.
    I think- if in doubt ask a professional
    do you have an obstetrician yet?

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    Potassium iodide is the salt form of iodine and is totally normal to have in a pregnancy supplement. You haven't reported the values in your vitamin but I am sure they are well within recommended dosages. Take your supplement bottle to your next doctor visit so they can have a look and assure you all is well.

    Vitamin D is normally made by your skin in sunlight, but in the winter especially we can get low in vit D so it's recommended to supplement. You can pick up a vit D supplement of 400IU and take that. The recommended daily intake for everyone is 400IU but you can double that without risk of overdosing (some research even suggests tripling it). Fish, especially oilier cold water fish, is particularly high in vit D.

    Eating a variety of fresh vegetables and going for walks in the sun will get you a long ways towards meeting your vitamin and mineral requirements.


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