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Pre pregnancy I was around 67kg. I gained 14kg during pregnancy. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 2 weeks. Great right?? Well I'm breastfeeding and have continued to lose weight. She is 13weeks and I'm down to 60kg. Its a big loss and if I continue this way I am going to look sickly thin. I think people believe I'm not coping but I'm actually fine. I eat as much as hubby now. I eat healthy and snack lots. What can I do to curb the weight loss? Have other breastfeeding mums lost excessive weight also?

I kept loosing weight while exclusively breastfeeding. Didnt matter how much i ate. DS was a big hungry baby boy who demanded so much milk from me. I was exhausted from BF. I also had a toddler. I had to prepare all my meals the night before, for the next day aso i had food on hand all day that i could eat and run. We would cook extra dinner so i could have leftovers the next day for an easy hot lunch. I ate alot of pasta, chicken, avocados. foods that would last a while to give me longer energy. I made sure i always had a protein in every meal. Yoghurt for snacks - quick, can take it out with you and no prep! I had muesli bars in the car. I had water bottles in every room of the house.

As soon as i stopped BF ds after 6mths my weight stableized and my energy returned. I was down down to 42kgs (from 50kgs) without knowing it. I was super tired all the time, headaches, couldnt concerntrate, my heart was beating super fast but my bp was super low. That's my reason for stopping BF, for me not DS and i did feel bad about it but i was suffering and couldnt keep going on like that. Alot of ppl dont understand. It's hard.

Still, if i accidentally skip a meal i loose a Kg. I cant talk about it with anyone because they dont get it. Sorry not alot of advice.
I get my thyroid tested evr 12mths as my mum suffers graves disease. its always come back neg.