So my little bug is nearly 12 months (it has gone way too fast) when DD and DS1 were babies I switched them to cows milk, is this still the best age to do this? He eats a fair bit and still has a good amount of bottles. In a day he usually has a 180ml bottle and porridge for breakfast then a few hours later another 180ml bottle to have as he goes down for a nap then late morning he usually has some fruit and/or yoghurt. For lunch he has a sandwich and crackers, depending on how hungry he is he might have some rice crackers with a 180ml bottle for a afternoon snack but will always have his bottle. For dinner he has mixed steamed veg wedges and baby pasta and a little bit of whatever meat we are having, sometimes he will have a jar of custard for desert and he also has sippy cups of juice or water through out the day as well. He has a 240ml bottle at bed time then he usually wakes up when DH is getting ready for work so he will give him a 180ml bottle. So I don't think he will be lacking in anything if I switch him but due to my anxiety I just wanted to double check.