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    Default Being induced for the second time

    Hi ladies

    This may be a dumb question, but I am 39 weeks pregnant with # 2 and had to be induced with THREE doses of the gel last time at 40 + 7, + 8 and + 10. Fortunately the final attempt put me into active labour and I had a great labour and birth following, my OB did end up breaking my waters and starting the drip, but by then I was 4 cms and had just got an epi and had been in active labour for 12 hrs and was tired so I was happy to do that when she suggested it.

    Anyway, my question is what they normally do to induce for second and subsequent pregnancies? I heard somewhere that after you've had one natural birth your cervix is always partially effaced or something? I.e would they try to go straight for ARM or could the gel be needed again?

    Still hoping I'll go naturally this time but I like to be prepared and to be honest I won't be unhappy if I'm induced again at 41 weeks because I had such a great experience last time.

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    im no help as ive been induced with all 3 of my pregnancies,
    1st was 40+12 and had 2 lots of gel and drip
    2nd waters broke but no contractions for 2 days so was put on drip and
    3rd again 40+12 and had 3 lots of gel and drip, AND i took EPO since 36 weeks everyday!!!!

    SO i think its just your body,
    hopefully whichever way it goes for you, you have a great labour and birth!


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