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Our OT gives us calming strategies for sensory related meltdowns. And stuff for fine and gross motor. We do speech and also attend an early
Intervention preschool.

I think perhaps you should be asking your OT for strategies surrounding the oral sensory stuff. My ds has oral fixations too and for me it worries me that he will be a teenager doing the things he does now which will isolate him from his peers.

Can u try see a different OT? They should be giving you ideas to implement at home and school.

Imo children on the spectrum do need intervention. Ive seen a child who never had any, compared to children who have and theres a huge difference.

The OT has got us a therapeutic brush, a body sox, and a weighted blanket and toy are on the way. She gave me a sheet of different sensory stuff to try during the day but really most of it was stuff DS would do anyway or stuff he will flat out refuse to do, like housework.
I'm just not sure where we are meant to be going with it all?

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