So, DD teases DS1 all the time and now he is ay tge stage of just striking out at her....very aggressively and with a lot of strength. Just thelast two days he cornered her and was hitting het with a beaded necklace. I had to put an oce pack on tge welts and she has bruising. I actually cried when I saw what he'd done. Yesterday he hit her over tge head withbthe pole if the pool skimmer. We r working on the teasing with DD who is old enough to rationalize with but now DS hits her for the slightest thing. Punishment wise trying timout which is n ot working. DH smacks him which I dont agreed with at all...jows that teach him to not hit? He's not aggressive to other kids but my poor DD. Now I tell her when he's angry run as fast as you can to mummy. Also this is new behavior...about a month or so and I have a new DS who is 4 months. Do u thi n k they are connected? What canni do?

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