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    Default formula, hints and tips for mix feeding please ?

    Hi, i am not due until dec, but already stressing about feeding bubs, my plan is to breastfeed until about 4 months then just at nights as hubby will be stay at home dad and i know expressing will be quiet stressful, i am wonderin of any tips any of you have including what to eat and what not to while breastfeeding, and what formula is best for mix feeding.

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    I know it's easy to say, but try not to stress while you're pregnant! Everything will depend on the little person when they arrive anyway, because what works for one won't necessarily work for another. Having said that, here's some of my thoughts:

    My son was very colicky and refluxy for the first 12 weeks. I had to cut out dairy (especially milk), chocolate, anything spicy' garlic and broccoli. Unless your baby has these sort of issues, what you eat shouldn't really matter, except you may find your baby reacts to your milk when you've eaten strongly flavored foods.

    If you are depending on your husband bottle feeding, bear in mind that it may take a long time for your baby to take a bottle. My son only started taking one at 8 months, and it took two weeks after that for him to drink formula rather than ebm. We had to be extremely persistent until he would take a bottle at all. He likes the wee-go by life factory (glass bottles), but it can take a while to find a bottle that your baby will drink from. If you are wanting your husband to feed him, then it would be best that you aren't in the room at all when you are teaching him to take one. Babies need to work harder to drink from a bottle, and they can also smell your milk if you are nearby.

    As for formula, I can't help much because DS has been fine with the first one we tried. We feed him a bottle of formula before bed, because I cant keep up with his appetite. He started barely drinking 10 mls but will now polish off 180mls. As with bottles, you might need to chop and change before you find one that he'll drink/agrees with him. I'm not 100% but I believe you need to wait two weeks before switching to a new one. It would be worth having some ebm in the freezer as back up for your husband if your baby will not take formula.

    I'm not trying to discourage you at all, just really wanting you to be aware that it's not always as simple as the baby doing what you plan for them to do! I've certainly learnt that the hard way! And while you're pregnant, it's a great opportunity to read, read, read up on all of your options. Good luck!

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    Thanks heaps mrsharvey you are probably one of the first people to tell me some of the negatives about anything to do with pregnancy and difficulties i might have, everyone would tell me how wonderful pregnancy is etc and well since being pregnant the only wonderful thing i'm feeling is knowing that there is a prize at the end that will be beautiful, and i am wishing time would fly by.I find forums provide more realistic advice than any books i have seen and i like to hear a number of opinions instead of just the writers view in a book.

    I have problems myself with dairy where i can only have skim and since being pregnant i can't even stomach that so have had to move to soy so i am hoping my boy doesn't end up having the same issues as i do.

    I would never of thought of the whole he would be able to smell my milk if hubby is feeding him, so will definitely be able to use this as "me time" when he is feeding him, and when hubby is all "don't leave me alone yet with him feeding" i can reply "sorry mrsharvey said so" lol . If i was to give the expressing thing a go does anyone have any recommendations, the manual ones look scary, the one i saw looked like a horrible clamping device.

    Thanks again for your reply and look forward to other replies also.

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    Oh bugger I wrote a long reply but then it disappeared!
    Anyway the short of it was I mix fed with DS and he did well on Nan Ha. Introduce a bottle very early even if its with EBM so bub gets used to it.
    I expressed with a commercial pump that I hired from local chemist that plugged into wall, was a mudela. It may be hard to maintain a milk supply if feeding breast milk at night only, you may still need to express during the day. Good luck

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    Spectra and unimom pumps are good- I'd avoid medela as their standard pumps are open system meaning milk can backflow into the machine and get mouldy and contaminate your milk. For daily expressing you'd want an electric- much easier on you. The spectra s2 is a great Hosp grade double pump and I'm also trying out a unimom allegro with good results.
    HA formulas are easier to digest for most bubs, my chn said nan HA was the closest to BM so that's what we used when DD needed top ups.

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