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    Default 6 month old - teething/feeding/sleeping Help!!

    Apologies if this in the wrong section, I didn't know whether to put it in the feeding or sleeping section.

    My DD just turned 6 months and it's like almost instantly she's turned into another child. She's been a great sleeper until now, goes down for naps in the bassinet like clockwork and we have a nighttime routine bath/feed/sleep that works well, she's usually down by 8 at the latest.

    She's on formula (no judgement please) and usually drinks 150mls 6 or 7 times a day, usually finishes all or most of the bottle. At 5 months I started her on solids, starting with rice cereal and now she has rice cereal in the morning, puréed fruit at lunch and puréed veg for dinner, about a tablespoon at each meal, after her bottle.

    This week she had her 6 month vaccinations and her gums were really giving her trouble, I have been having to apply Bonjela every 3 hours all day, and have given Panadol twice, I also give her cold teething rings and teething risks to bite.

    She's stopped drinking, fusses at every feed and fusses and cries at sleep times. Today she didn't feed from 7am until 1pm, I haven't given her any solids as I don't give them unless she drinks the majority of the bottle. I stupidly tried to change her bed time routine this week so that she wasn't feeding to sleep and that backfired, she won't go down until 11pm or later and cries hysterically. I know I have to get her to stop feeding to sleep and learn to self soothe but I'm tempted to just throw in the towel and go back to feeding to sleep.

    Also she's started waking again 2 or 3 times during the night and crying hysterically.

    I'm after any suggestions or advice, whatever you've got would be most helpful because I'm exhausted and quite depressed. I just want my calm girl back, I was spoilt with an easy baby for 6 months and now feel like I'm completely losing control, help!!

    Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far

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    Sorry I don't have any advice but I have a 6 month old that is teething too. She has never been a good sleeper, but has now gotten worse (waking every 2 hours at night) I feel your pain!

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    My DS is almost 7mths and after his 6mth needles he turned absolutley awful. I dont know what happened. For the 4 days after the needles he was a mess, had a temp that went away after 2 doses of panadol, stopped self settling, not interested in milk feeds and i hadnt started him on food yet. He cried and cried all day, was miserable and clingy. was waking at night when he was sleeping thru. So we began solids 2 weeks ago. Im amazed at how much food he's eating. I think he WAS getting hungrier.

    He is formula fed 4 hourly and has solids 1hr after a bottle. Has baby cereal mixed with fruit for breakfast, vegie/lentil/hummus and fruit for lunch and we do BLW for dinner - usually has a few things off our plates, bit of meat and bit of potato/pasta ect. Eats untll he's over it. He eats really well and is taking all of his milk feeds too. So i can at least illiminate hunger out of the situation.

    He is still not back to his former self, is still quite clingy. but he has improved. We have our full nights sleep back again (i put that down to starting food) and he will self settle for his 2 day sleeps - sleeping anywhere from 40mins-1.5hrs each. But come bedtime at night, he's hysterical and wont settle untill 9pm, we have to pat him to sleep or he just wont settle himself down. But he sleeps through untill 7-8am
    If you think bub is teething try some panadol. Check his temp. Take him to GP to rule anything else out.
    Other than doing the above, i just had to wait it out and do what i could to get thru the days and nights. I knew it wouldnt last. I just kept to routine as best i could, hoping one day he would click back into it. I also have a toddler and it was hard on her too as i was completely comsumed by my DS.

    It will pass, look after yourself in the meantime and give yourself a break every now and then.
    Oh i almost forgot to add - we introduced a dummy and a bedtime comforter. Worked wonders.
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