Hi All

I have been reading a lot of posts on this site for the past two years and figured it was about time I joined. So this is me and I hope I get all the bits right:

Me: 36 PCOS 2kids from previous marriage 10yrs and 12yrs conceived naturally after about 12mths of trying.
DH: 32 All good and no previous kids

DH and I started TTC a little over 2yrs ago. I went straight to the OBGYN as I knew I was going to have issues and he put me onto clomid. We managed to get pregnant but I MC at 8wks. We continued to try with clomid without luck and as my DH works away regularly my OBGYN suggested I go to a fertility specialist. I have started IUI treatment using DH frozen sperm but will use fresh if he is home at the time. Unfortunately he was not for this round. Im not keen on the needles I must say but am coping. I have been using Gonal 37.5mg daily and used Ovidrel(?) on Sat with AI Mon. I have had some uncomfortable cramping since the AI and breast tenderness started this morning.

Is anyone happy to share their IUI/AI experiences please?