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    Default New member, newly pregnant, 5 miscarriages no bubs yet

    Hi all

    I have looked at this site before, but never posted. I already feel vulnerable, and putting my story in writings makes me feel even more vulnerable (for now).

    I have had 5 miscarriages, starting over 3 years ago. No live babies. Three were very short (33-38 days), but two others a bit longer (8 weeks and 10 weeks). Seeing a specialist who has me on what sounds like a standard protocol for some minor issues (metformin, low dose aspirin, progesterone when preg etc). Specialist has said he hasn't yet found a good reason for my pregnancy losses. Also noted mild pcos and a secondary infertility issue. All my pregnancies natural over the last 3 years. Hubby and I were looking to do IVF next year.

    Today I peed on a stick (lol, I can't remember all the acronyms everyone uses here!) and I am pregnant again. I have been travelling, so had be lazy about tracking anything, but its been almost 6 weeks since my last period.

    And I am so anxious and scared, after losing so many pregnancies, and excited and happy too.

    how on earth does everyone else emotionally survive this whole business?

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    Hi Naddy, I can't say iv experienced the same issue but my advice to you would be stay as calm as possible stress is one of the main known causes and no it's not your fault but it may help this one stick try drinking some calming tea and keeping your mind off the past. By all means get excited because it is something to be excited about and I wish you the best of luck

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    It sounds as though your doctors are giving you extra support which is great, hopefully that will give you some piece of mind that your pregnancy is being looked after to a degree. After mc, I don't think one can ever be carefree about another pregnancy, but as the previous poster said - relax as much as you can as there is not much else one can do in your position. I hope you little one is super sticky


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