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    Hi girls,

    Thanks for the thoughts and love. I have been thinking of you all too and can only wish you all absolutely the best. I hope those of you about to embark on your wonderful journey come back with that pot of gold.

    I will catch up and do personals tomorrow. Have lots to do and need to get organised as I am getting my blonde re-growth done this morning....the first of a few steps on the road to recovery and feeling better.

    As for Cape Town, well I just don't know. I want to but I don't. I am so close to closure on ivf that it is scary. My next cycle will be my 5th donor cycle and to be honest, I am really wearing thin and my usual positive bubbly outlook on everything is a little dim right now. Perhaps I just need more time. Still having a few head spins, coupled with a sore throat and now a blasted spur on my foot which is so painful.....age is a creepin up!!!!!!

    Anyway, will do personals to all of you amazing ladies tomorrow. Keeping you in my thoughts girls.

    Luv Donna x

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'M BACK!!! My husband and I have decided to give it one more shot!

    We are consulting with a LA base reproductive immunologist that has a very high success rate of 97% after extensive testing she has determined that I have further immune issues that can be treated here in Australia. We are looking going back over November/December depending on how I respond to the immune treatment.

    DJSHEARS - Firstly I am so sorry your trip to SA was unsuccessful, it is truly heartbreaking after investing so much into it. Believe me, I know after 2 failed trips. I hope you don't mind me asking if you have considered having some immune testing, yourself? It just seems that after transferring so many good quality embryos that perhaps it's more of an implantation issue caused by immune issues? It's worth thinking about before making another trip over. I know that you are in two minds at the moment, I hope that you can have some clarity and I wish you well.

    Jodi - Wonderful to see that you are going back for round 2. So exciting!!!

    Pixel & Makeba - WOW great that you are going back for round 2!!! That is awesome! Can't wait to hear how things go.

    Laned - Hope that you are enjoying motherhood. Isn't it just the best?!! Have you joined a mothers group?

    I'm so excited to hear about the BFP's - Jennilee, Sunny, BJ04

    Rainbow, Sooty, Wishmeluck, Happyheart, Chrissytree - Wishing you all the best for your cycles.

    January - So sorry to hear of your chemical.

    Hi to everyone else

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    Hello everyone, just a quick message to welcome back Helenmac! Had a feeeling you were not done!
    Still such a busy thread...I continue to be amazed by the courage shown by all the women here. My little miracles are one week off 6 months and they are just soo beautiful. Started solids, commando crawling and sleeping 12 hours a night. Wherever you are on your journey I wish you all the very best. xxWJ

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    Yay Helenmac that's fabulous news the simplest little things that most of the medical profession dismiss can sometimes be the crux and I hope you get the result you are deserving of.

    Donna stepping away from the journey will probably do you good, it doesnt mean that you cant change your mind again and restart the journey like I did, but it will give you some clarity, after time you will be comfortable with decision to not try again or you may want to give it one last shot.

    Wilsonjoy, the fun is just beginning for you, mess flying everywhere and bubs soon to be mobile getting into everything, again I can't recommend the amber necklaces for teething enough if you haven't already invested in them.

    Sooty 1600 was the cancellation fee, we are flying business however the flights for economy were really cheap, they may have been less than 1600, if u haven't checked qantas out, do so in case the sale is still on. I have found when flying if I book the cheaper tickets say South African airways as opposed to paying qantas prices, even in business class, they will have no hesitation in splitting us up for a qantas passenger, I still pay the cheaper price ticket be it SA airways or BA and hope for the best, after some tentrum throwing they can usually seat us together in the middle of the plane rather than window seats, this time we have the bub to consider so flying qantas will give me extra leverage to get the bulkhead seats maybe even a bassinet if I can swing it and make him look a little younger.

    Hi to everyone else

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    Hi everyone,

    just a quick one from me... make sure you ask CFC for invoices as you can submit your invoices as part of your tax claim. I just got back from my accountant and was able to submit my CFC invoices for out of pocket medical expenses. Unfortunately we couldn't claim flights, accomm or Gift ov Life fee but its better than nothing.

    Helenmac good to have you back and good luck with your next treatment.

    Bye for now.

    Makeba x

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    Hi everyone...I have been MIA...DP and I finally have had the opportunity to be together since our BFP. Forgive my absence...I have been thinking of you all.

    DP goes back to work tomorrow, so I will catch up on everyone's news.

    First ultrasound today....we have a singleton on board with a strong heartbeat of 103 bpm.

    Hi and chat tomorrow.

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    Hi all,

    Hang in there DJ its a really hard time after the build up to go and the fast drop back down and the last feeling of not knowing where to start again. Just be kind and compassionate with yourself and take it a day at a time. Xx

    Welcome back Helenmac I'd love to hear more about your immune testing with the LA clinic.

    jodi my ET date has now moved to the 11th but lll still be thinking of you

    thanks Makeba for the tax info I'm going to put ours in on our return from our SA cycle.

    so glad to hear all is going well Sunny how amazing to hear your little bubbas heart beat

    2 more sleeps, I've finished work and just have to buy meds, clean and pack. My treatment cycle got changed again but just doing what I'm told and trying to not care about any change to keep stress to a minimum. I found out today that the clinic I am attending are using the embryo scope which films the embryo growing and has been found to show which embryos are "best" so hopefully giving you the best chance.

    Hope all is going well Rainbow

    not long Sooty

    xxx pixel

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    Hi ladies
    ive been thinking of you all
    Welcome back Helenmac - great To have you back with us on th thread. Your experience will surely continue to help us I really admire your positive stance on tackling the immune issues. Best of luck with that.
    Donna - hugs to you You are an inspiration to us. I have really enjoyed reading your posts over the months, possibly year now. Best wishes with finding your right decision. Take care and thanks for being such a valuable member of the forum X
    Pixel - oh Pixel I am so happy for you. Go girl may your time in Thailand be wonderful & your dream come true. Sending you much Happy Birthday for the 8th X
    Jodie- best wishes and may the Fall upon you. I believe you girls will be the beginning of the next positives. Enjoy your time away.
    Rainbow Chaser- have faith in Dr L R. He did exactly the same thing for us & we have a little one on board. He grew our donor eggs for an extra few days & the difference was amazing. We still have 3 high grade blastocysts on ice. I love Dr LR as he seems to have a 'feel' for getting the best from a cycle. Good luck. Remember to relax. Be calm. Take it in your stride. Mother nature can then do her thing.
    Ianed- thank you for your post. Yes, I have been craving savory. I have had headaches too- which are pretty savage at times. But I am starting to feel a little more relaxed. My sister gave me some good advice tonight- she said you have to enjoy the up times. If it doesn't work, you will still grieve the same amount. Best wiishes to you and your little one
    Sunny15- lovely news about the heartbeat being spot on! It does give you reassurance doesn't it. So excited for you to have your family on the way as well
    makeba- good luck & hoping things are going well with you.
    January- coffee/oj soon? Hope your days are going well. This sunshine in Perth is fab, so nice to feel some warmth. Hugs Xxx
    AFM- we have our first on apptmt next Tuesday. Not sure what happens then? Has anyone had CVS testing? Im thinking we don't need it because of young donors. Are there other tests we should have at around 10 weeks?
    Thank you ladies. Best wishes to all

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    2013 STATS
    BFP = 12 (4 sets of twins)
    BFN = 9 (8 fresh & 1 frozen)
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    Unkown Results = 5

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    bb4Me - sorry, only just catching up on who's doing what. I didn't realise until I popped into STA travel that apparently Singapore Airlines only goes every few days, hence why I wondered why I couldn't find those cheaper flights either, as I had the incorrect dates in... I'm still searching for a cheap, (direct!) flight too.

    Jodi - gosh I cant believe your going in 2 weeks, that has come around so quick. Its fantastic that you are feeling excited and in a positive frame of mind. I remember a wise friend saying to me about a year ago, if you don't have hope what do you have... as I was trying to protect myself by not hoping too much... but its wonderful when you get that feeling back and if you can hang onto it, deal with anything else later

    Pixel - good on you, for staying positive and not worrying too much about what's out of your hands now. Easier said than done sometimes, but then also it's amazing what you can do with the power of the mind when it comes down to it - , so you stay there in that mind set....nice and relaxed, go over and enjoy and have faith it will all work out - am thinking of you, you deserve it.
    I went to a Melb IVF evening a few months back and they had invested in one of those embryo photo taking machines (of every 2nd/minute of an embryos development) they cost hundreds of thousands, so they only had 1-2 I believe, so that is really reassuring that you've got that for your embryos as they develop.

    Helenmac - Welcome back.. that's wonderful news. Fantastic you have found an expert in the field and feeling confident to go again. I would be interested to know too who you are consulting with & their recommendations, & treatment you are doing this time. Its fascinating the human body isn't it, we take so much for granted.

    Jennilee - special special times for you, I'm sure filled with trepidation, fear and so so much excitement and hope and dreams for the future! I'd love to hear about CVS testing too... you're in another set of questioning now!! Let us know what you find out.

    AFM ... now I must be really silly... but for the life of me I cant work out what that stands for ?! Anyways, our dates are 11 November for retrieval. We're also still trying to decide on 1 or 2 embryos to transfer (if we get the choice) - well I am anyway!! DH says only 1... due to pressure it would put on us if it were twins... but I am deep down so worried we will 1/2 our chances with 1 transferred... I read over the stats again (from our forum here) and I guess its 50/50 chance of twins if 2 are transferred?

    I'm also trying to decide on a depot injection for $575 I think it was from UK Pharmacy + postage, or twice daily nasal spray - which is I think $200 & possibly medicare refundable. I've never had suppression meds... & am put off by the spray as have heard so many horrible side effects... but then I'm thinking I should just suck it up & get hard...!!!!... as that's $375.... quite a difference... could go towards accommodation, cots (hee hee) etc !....any thoughts/recommendations ladies?

    Hi to everyone else and hope things are trucking along nicely for you all.


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