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    January - I'm so sorry to hear things are still not progressing either way for you. I hope all goes well tomorrow? My IVF specialist told me that because when the transfer is done the embryo can still float around for a few days, it unfortunately can still also travel back up the tube. My acupuncturist told me that much of the pain women feel during the early days of pregnancy is the hair type lining pushing down towards the uterus (to help prevent the embryo traveling back up the tube)

    sunny - congrats on your transfer and frosties as well! Fingers crossed for you and DJ and Anait on their 2WW. May the time pass quickly for you all and may your minds be kept busy so that they don't dwell on it all.

    laned thank you for the tip re transfer. I had better not tell my hubby or he will be asking for them now and crushing them into my weet-bix!

    Pixel - not long for you to wait now either?!

    AFM - just hideously on edge from the Lucrin (or Predislone?)I was wide awake this morning at 2am....
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    Hi Ladies

    Well I have been back a few days now and miss SA, the first week of the wait flew by with very little thought as there was so much to do and see and also there is that break from reality, since I have been home it has been a completely different story... it has dragged... now just counting down, thank you everyone for your good wishes. DJ & Sunny it was great to spend some time with you, had heaps of fun and wish you both all the luck in the world, SH72 best wishes to you too, and to the three of you
    Congratulations Jennilee what fantastic news, and Allie... twins wow, how exciting for you, Sahndi congratulations on your baby boy its always good to hear another CFC success story

    Rainbow I also had acupuncture with Vicky Hindmarsh and highly recommend her, I wish she was here and I would go to her all the time. I had two sessions and the combined cost was just under $160 (Aus) once it was converted, I was there for about an hour each time and felt completely wonderful when done. I also found that I suffered with insomnia on the Lucrin but thankfully it disappeared as soon as I stopped the injections, hope it doesn't last that long for you. And, I am sure you are not the biggest pain in the butt for CFC, I think I had that title for a couple of days

    January hope you are doing ok and that it all resolved for you in the next few days, good luck with your appointments, you are so brave and even going through this still think of everyone else, thank you

    Good luck and best wishes to all the August Ladies will be thinking of you... xx
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    Hi ladies,
    thank you so much for your well wishes it is so nice to have all these people on my side and knowing what it's like !
    January thinking of you , I really don't know what to say, you are one strong lady.
    DJ, Anait and Sunny we are all in the dreaded waiting period and it sounds like jet lag and the wait are extra tough. My thoughts are with you all .

    AFM still here and had a bit of a breakdown last night, feeling the pressure and possibly the drugs and I still have over a week to wait ! Lots of tears and fear of it not working ..wanted to ask anyone else which is only 4 days after the transfer I am having pains ( like cramps ) and my boobs are bigger ( like my friend noticed !!!) surely it's not period pain already ??? And super teary ...
    Would appreciate any ones experiences ...
    my best wishes to all the August crew and hang in there on the drugs...

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    Hi everyone. Great to hear the positive news, my thoughts are with those who haven't had success this time round. Sunny wonderful that you have some good frosties. January, I hope you have conclusion soon.
    AFM January next time you update the rollcall, please remove me from the BFP. After my scan on Monday the Dr told me my pregnancy will not continue as the embryo has not developed normally. Just waiting for the miscarriage at present. Hope it happens naturally as the Dr said if I have a curette there is a risk of scarring which could prevent future pregnancies and risk of Ashermans syndrome. Pretty upset about it but we are planning to go back and use our frosties before the end of the year.

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    January thanks for sharing your story I had no idea that could happen. I really hope its a biochemical and sorts itself out naturally I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Jennilee congratulations that's awesome news

    Sandhi I was wonder how you were doing congrats on your boy. I was going to use the same donor again but she doesn't donate anymore, it might be worth pinning her down now and letting her know that you would like to use her again in case she leaves the agency or decides not to donate again.

    DJ, Anait and Sunny good luck I hope your dreams come true.

    Sh72 all completely natural symptoms for both pregnancy and for being on progesterone only blood tests will tell try not to think about it (which is extremely hard I know) and keep yourself busy

    Pixel its only a few weeks away for you, yippee

    Rainbowchaser I bet you are getting really excited 2 weeks will be here in no time. Once this is all over you will think back and wonder why you were so stressed, the unknown is always stressful though, I'm sure CFC have had worst cases.

    Sootymay yay, November will be here in no time

    AFM I have my treatment plan, my appointment is on the 2nd and egg retrieval is the 4th if all goes well.

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    January - Hun, I just cant imagine what you are going through...what an awful drawn out process for you. My heart is with you.

    - Good luck today...I think you are having THE blood test today? DP and I wish you all the very best for a positive result. It was absolutely lovely sharing this experience with you and DJ.

    Jenni - Huge congratulations

    JodiW - Congrats on getting your treatment will be there in no time.

    BB4Me - Hun, you know that my thoughts are with you and I really do hope that it is a natural miscarriage and happens quickly. Glad that you have future direction.

    SH72 - I had the same experience as you last night too and I am only a day ahead of you....very teary, but I put it down to being very tired from lack of sleep. I have had lots of AF aches and pains, but my b**bs are not sore or bigger, nothing...which they usually are when on progesterone pessaries of my past cycles, so the Gestone is working in a different way for me. Unfortunately, we are going to have to hang in there and ride it out...all our symptoms could be implantation and could be the progesterone...I wish I was still in CT sightseeing, to take my mind off the dreaded 2WW. Hang in there.

    Rainbow - I was exactly the same on Lucrin and Prednisolone. They are both known for their insomnia. Im on 15mg Prednisolone per day, so I try to take all 3 tablets in the morning or at least before 2pm. Gee, 2 weeks will be on that plane before you know it...what an exciting time for you (wish it was me!) will love it in Cape Town (the Mother City)!! I will PM you regarding my "possible not quite suppressed" scenario whilst I was in CT.

    laned, Pixel, sahndi, abundance, sooty, allie, missleo, net and anyone that I have missed.

    Mini breakdown last night...very teary, but I put it down to lack of sleep...not a fan of this jet lag...nearly bought the In Styler last night, as I was wide awake watching TV from 2.30am to 5am!!!

    I also put too much pressure on myself...I have great embryos, but if I cant fall pregnant with great embryos...???!!! I will feel like I have let the team down....I mean the donor and DP have done an excellent job and then I let them down with a BFN! The lovely DJ came to my rescue with a pep talk...thank you once again DJ. Feeling much better this morning.

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    BB4ME...Am so sorry to hear that news. Its super horrible for you but so pleased you are planning ahead. Any chance you will go in Oct?

    Am having my blood test tomorrow but my POAS this morning was a BFN so expecting confirmation of that tomorrow. Ho hum

    So, looks like it will be mid to end of October for me to head back. Kimenthra has advised not using the 3 frosties as at day 7 they were still pre-blasts and suggests another fresh cycle $$$$$$$

    Anyway, will do bloods tomorrow and go from there. I won't be taking my DD with me next trip so will be going it alone as DP can't fly.

    So, then the struggle about donors. What went wrong this time? Was it the eggs? Was is it the donor sperm? Was it the icsi? Have asked the question but no reply yet. Need to know in case I wanted to use either donor again.

    Anait....Thinking of you today XXXX

    Sunny...Ah hun, hope your a little brighter today. DONT BUY THE INSTYLER!!! I have one and I burn myself constantly with it and they don't curl anywhere near as good as it looks on tv. Even straightening is not in the league of a GHD.

    Donna xx

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    Crystal4431 (Cape Town - ? Jan)
    January (Cape Town - ? Mar maybe sooner)


    DONOR CONTRACT (signed by both parties)
    Net3811 (Barbados - ET 12 Dec)

    Chrisseytree (Cape Town - ET ? Aug)
    Wishmeluck (Cape Town - ET 14 Aug)
    Happyheart1 (Cape Town - 17 Aug)
    Pixel (Bangkok - ET 10 Sep)
    JodiW (Cape Town - ET ? Sep)
    Makeba (Cape Town - FET ? Nov)

    Rainbowchaser (Cape Town - ET 24 Aug)


    Sh72 (July 2x5D)
    Sunny15 (July 2x5D)
    DJShears (July 2x5D)
    Anait (July 2x5D)

    Jennilee67 (2x5D - singleton)
    BJ04 (1x5D)
    AllieOop (2x5D - twins)
    Araline (2x5D)
    TwoWhites (2x5D -singleton)
    Missleo (twins)
    Nicole72 (twins)
    SVD (twins)

    Laned (boy)
    JodiW (boy)
    Smika (girl)
    Theresa68 (girl)
    WilsonJoy (twin boys)
    Jed (boy & girl)

    SummerShine (boy)
    Sally08 (twins)

    2013 STATS
    BFP = 9 (4 sets of twins)
    BFN = 8 (7 fresh & 1 frozen)
    Pregnancy Loss = 1
    Unkown results = 5

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    DJ - I had an email from Kimenthra a couple of days ago and she was saying that they had a 'power surge' and lost my email that I had forwarded to her. I have since replied to Kimenthra and Cyndi but no reply, so Im wondering if they are having more problems. I know that they have had 'server' issues in the past.

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    Hi ladies,

    BB4Me - I was so sad to read your post and it puts what I am dealing with into perspective. I only thought I had a viable pregnancy for 1/2 a day until the reality of low HCG numbers made me realize it will not progress well. Hugs to you

    DJ - you made me laugh I can just picture you all tangled up using the Insyler

    Sunny15 - I am just going to edit the stats on the roll call as I have just realized that I did not add myself to the BFP number and the loss number.

    Good luck lovelies

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