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    January - I am so so sorry for your disappointing news. I cannot imagine the pain and questioning you are experiencing at the moment. You are so very brave and an incredible woman to be planning your next trip. I think the contingency planning is a great way of remaining positive. As another lady said, do something nice for yourselves. Thinking of you. Xx

    Sunny - I am pleased all seems well and that you got a speedy response. That is the only hiccup.

    Alliop - it is Laned. Can't remember if I wrote that I refrained from dying my hair for first 12 weeks. Ahhhhh the grey was incredible, but I really didn't want to risk anything. My mum even asked whether I would consider a scarf!!! Thanks mum.

    Net - it is a double edged sword being around others who are pregnant, whilst you feel happy for them, it is so hard not to continuously question 'why not me'. I had to go to a number of baby showers over the years and often thought 'I am never going to get there'. I also found myself grieving in silence when another friend would tell me that they were pregnant. In the end some friends were scared to tell me. I remember one dear friend looking so stressed when she told me her news, that made me even sadder, thinking that she was freighted of sharing her joyous news because she didn't want to upset me. I love your reference to a pirate of the Caribbean.

    Pixel - I know it's hard, but try not to worry. As with Allie, I too have known many women with PCOS stories and they with a little help from either clomid or an IVF cycle have gone on to have lots of eggs, many of good quality leading to successful pregnancies. I would question the clinic and be guided by their response. I would further inquire as to whether the donor has had any previous successful donations.

    To the CT crew

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    January and crystal, I'm thinking of you both. It is such a hard time and you can't help but wonder why it hasn't worked. For us, talking to each other often has really helped. Let the tears out and move forward when you are ready. I'm not sure if you have frosties but I hope so. Try not to give up just yet. I was told your chances increase the second time and FET's have a better live birth rate. I'm not sure how this works but I'm hoping its true. I think we are All so hopeful for Jennilee after her last experience. We need a positive!

    I would Also suggest listening to your heart and if its telling you that you need more testing, change of medication protocol or a new donor or doctor, then you should trust that. Doctors don't know our histories as well as we do. Thinking of you

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    Good morning ladies,

    January, We have no frosties The first egg collection resulted in finding out her eggs were still immature so it was stopped and the donor was retriggered and sent back for EC 2 days later. From that we got 13 eggs, 10 were injected, 6 fertilized, we got 2 blasts to put back and none made it to freeze. To be honest though if I did have even two frosties I'm not sure we would chance the cost of going over and they didn't survive the thaw.

    I think the roll call is a great idea, hopefully everyone will stop back long enough to give their results.

    Rainbow, I agree you just never know what the donor's lifestyle is leading up to the donation. Its a chance we all have to take and hope for the best

    Pixel, those results would make me question PCOS, at the end of the day its your money so if your gut is telling you to question things a bit more then do that.

    Hi everyone else, I hope everyone is well I just wanted to wish the ladies in CT good luck and the ladies getting ready to go

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    BJ congratulations

    Sooty first time completely funds transfer, 2nd time funds transfer for agency and cc for CFC

    Crystal and January I am so sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you both.

    Sunny, Anait and DJ hope alls well with you and you are enjoying your time in CT.

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    Crystal4431 (Cape Town - ? Jan)
    January (Cape Town - ? Mar)

    Net3811 (Barbados - ET ? Dec)

    DONOR CONTRACT (signed by both parties)

    Chrisseytree (Cape Town - ET ? Aug)
    Wishmeluck (Cape Town - ET 14 Aug)
    Rainbowchaser (Cape Town - ET 24 Aug)
    Happyheart1 (Cape Town - 17 Aug)
    Pixel (Bangkok - ET 10 Sep)
    JodiW (Cape Town - ET ? Sep)
    Makeba (Cape Town - FET ? Nov)


    Sh72 (Cape Town - ET 28 July)
    Sunny15 (Cape Town - ET 26 July)
    DJShears (Cape Town - ET 24 July)

    Anait (July 2x5D)
    Jennilee67 (July 2x5D)

    BJ04 (1x5D)
    AllieOop (2x5D)
    BB4Me (2x5D - Singleton)
    Araline (2x5D)
    TwoWhites (2x5D -Singleton)
    Missleo (twins)
    Nicole72 (twins)
    SVD (twins)

    Laned (boy)
    JodiW (boy)
    Smika (girl)
    Theresa68 (girl)
    WilsonJoy (twin boys)
    Jed (boy & girl)

    SummerShine (boy)
    Sally08 (twins)

    2013 STATS
    BFP = 8 (3 sets of twins)
    BFN = 8 (7 fresh & 1 frozen)
    Unkown results = 5

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    Good morning all,

    Well there is quite a lot of action, so apologies if i don't have my facts straight as I have not taken down notes before posting this !!!!

    Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for all of your lovely words of support, like others have said nowhere else are we all so understood

    Pixel - That AMH does sound very high. My donor was 3.71ng/ml and deemed good, however we ended up with 20 very poor quality eggs. I think you should definitely investigate further. Has she donated before and what were her results?

    Rainbowchaser - Don't worry about your parents reaction, it is your journey and your choice how you spend your money. Anyhow it is a much better investment than battling on with your own eggs i am so sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage. There was nothing wrong with your decision to leave a previous forum and not let them know the outcome. Sometimes the pain is too great. I did think of vanishing but am finding this great therapy. At the end of the day we all find our own way forward.

    Makeba - Hi Makey, I think I will try and find out what happened although I am pretty sure is was just a batch of rotten eggs. Puzzled as it is still hanging in there. Did it implant properly could it be my uterus? So many questions? I can sense your excitement and hope the time passes quickly

    Crystal - In different ways we have both been on a wild ride from the start. I will not be using the same donor again, in fact I don't think she is going to do another donation. All the best with your investigations I hope you get an answer

    Sunny - Great number for good fertilization results.

    Anait - for your 2WW.

    DJ & Sh72 - Hoping you get some great blasts this week

    AFM - have to stay on meds, 3rd BETA HCG Thursday

    PS. Has anyone read the small thread on donor cylces in Greece? Their program sounds very well organized. There is a link on page 3 which details how their program works. Interesting reading
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    Hi girls,

    Sorry for not writing earlier. My 9 year old daughter and I went overnight to Fairyglen for a game park safari. We were the only ones there due to it being off season and a Sunday night and we were absolutely spoilt. The place is so pretty and we got up very close to the animals. I honestly would recommend them as it was just gorgeous.

    We are back in CT now and our hotel has upgraded us to a loft which is so kind of them. The people here are fantastic and I hate to say it, but, us Aussies could learn a bit about service and manners from the Sth Africans!

    Crystal and's just the pits. I have had the full mix of results from our Aussie donor cycles - 12w m/c, blighted ovum, BFN. That was tough. To have travelled over here and to get bad news just magnifies it. I understand it now that I am over here walking in your shoes. The numbers drop, things change and prayers are not always answered. My biggest hugs to you both and to your partners. So hard to deal with but both of you at least are thinking about next time, and that's a good thing. Thinking of you both xxx

    AFM.... On day 3, our 8 embies all have 8 cells. There is some fragmentation to 4 of them. I am booked in on Wednesday for ET so hopefully there will be 2 blasts but you never know. We started with 15 mature eggs and I am hoping for 2 blasts so the road can be a bit bumpy. Hoping the next 36 hours go ok.

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and good wishes, means the world to me.


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    17 out of 18 eggs fertilised!!

    Next progress report is on Thursday (day 3). Intralipid infusion tomorrow.

    I agree with DJ...the service here is unbelievable and I have been saying since I started this process months ago that Australian companies/industries could learn alot from the efficiences here.

    January and Crystal - How are you? You have been in my thoughts constantly.

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    Sunny - great news on your fertilisation so far. I'll be interested to hear your update on the Intralipid infusion tomorrow, as I am scheduled for this also (have never done it in Australia - but am throwing everything at this cycle).

    Donna - 8 embies is great. You only need one good one lovely! Fingers crossed that your special one or two are developing for you in that batch thinking of you tomorrow.

    Do the CFC have a high mag microscope to select the best sperm? I'm really interested to hear if they do,as one of my friends here who has been doing IVF also, just did her third cycle and it wasn't until they used the high mag microscope that they found out 98% of her husbands sperm were abnormal.

    Babydust to all

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    Glad to hear all is going well in CT gals!

    Thanks all for your support and advice.

    My donor has not donated before and that was a risk we took in choosing her. However as myself and others have experienced even proven donors don't offer guarantees which is essentially what l'm am looking for.
    The risk taking and uncertainty is what l find hardest to deal with - 2nd guessing my choices.

    I had a cry this afternoon which released some pressure. I have also emailed my FS here to get his opinion but really I have asked all the questions of the clinic and agency and they say she does not have PCOS and that she has a high ovarian reserve so a low dose is needed to not overstimulate and the last thing I want is that, so I have to accept that my chosen donor offers just as much hope of the gift of life as any and pray that my little one will find me in September.

    I need to now go back to not sweating the things l can't change and trust the process and control the things l can influence like not stressing.

    Its a scary process so its normal to have fear - as they say feel the fear and do it anyway!

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