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    Default Tantrums

    I just came across a post on my fb from a page I have liked and I'm just curious to know how others would handle the same situation.
    A scenario was set: a mother in a supermarket with a screaming tantrum throwing toddler. She looked exhausted and embarrassed.
    What would you do if:
    1 - you were that mum.
    2 - you were a stranger walking past.

    I am THAT mum at least a few times a week! It's beyond frustrating but I know that DS is at that age. I try to calm him/distract him. If that doesn't work then I ignore him, finish what I have to do (as quick as I can) and head home.

    I have never seen a parent dealing with a tantrum toddler. I swear I'm the only one!! But I think I would just give that sympathetic 'we've all been there, you're doing a great job!' smile and keep walking. Several comments left however said they would stop to help or start talking to the toddler. I think if someone was to stop to try and help me, even though I'm sure their intentions are good, I probably wouldn't be too pleased.

    What are others thoughts? How do you cope during a tanty?

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    Pretty much exactly what you said you would do, sympathetic smile and a quiet "you are not the only one" and I would carry on with what I was doing. I would be peeved if someone started parenting my child for me, that really really craps me off especially when they are strangers. How I would handle the tantruming toddler if it were mine? It really depends on the situation, I go to all strengths to avoid shopping with my boys they seem to think that the shops are a playground no matter what I do and I nearly always leave in tears or I get so embarrassed I want the floor to swallow me up

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    I am quite often THAT Mum too and my
    methods are similar to yours - attempt to do whatever I can to calm him down or distract him (usually offer a toy or food... or I come up with a way of engaging him in the shopping 'Oooh look bananas, will you come and help me pick some good ones out?!) If none of that works I just persevere through the rest of the shop with a rather stoic look on my face.

    I have received plenty of sympathetic smiles from others but have never had anyone actually attempt to help. I really tend to doubt anyone would actually do that to be honest. I agree with you, I'm sure they'd have good intentions but I'm not sure I'd be totally comfortable with a total stranger trying to calm him down. I also tend to think it would freak DS out although it may calm him down for the initial second as he'd be staring at them thinking 'WTF is this person and why are they even talking to me?!?' Good luck to them!

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    I was at the supermarket the other day and a little boy of about 2 was having a great tantrum and mum was putting things through the self checkout. Mid way through she called the lady who worked there and explained that she was going to have to leave her things. I politely asked her if she would like me to help her. She smiled and said 'no
    thanks'. Later I saw her and we had a quick chat and I sympathised with her. She didn't seem at all annoyed that I'd offered to help her. I believe that it takes a community to raise children and love that if ds1 is grumpy some mums will have a chat and say they've been there etc, makes me feel like I'm not alone but maybe that's just me!


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