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    I have a hard time understanding where all these C-sections are coming from. Of the many women who I know who have given birth this year I only know of 2 that were intervention free and at least 3/4's of them were C-sections. I chose a homebirth with a qualified midwife and that was my preferred choice. But with my first pregnancy I could not find a midwife that serviced my area. I sadly lost that baby at 16weeks (missed miscarriage) and had to go to hospital and then argue as I didn't want the D&C, I wanted the drug. That experience for me just reinforced my belief that homebirth was the safer option. Even though they didn't have to worry about getting a baby out safely, they still preferred the surgery option and their main reason for arguing against the drug was that they didn't know how to use it as "no one asks for it". they were willing to argue with an already traumatised and grieving woman based on that. It was pure luck that two midwives decided to start practicing in my area when I got pregnant with DD (one had just relocated). If they hadn't, I would've been faced with a choice between freebirth or hospital birth. I honestly cannot say which one scares me more and which one I would've chosen. We have no birth centres which are less than my ideal but still acceptable for me. I am also extremely protective of my body (the level of someone who has been sexually abused) though I cant work out why. When the doctors at the hospital found this out during the miscarriage they lectured me on how "you really need to get past it as if you want to give birth you cant have this problem." My homebirth midwife respected this and coached me to do my own checks on the baby's progress during the birth. This trust and respect combined with the relationship I had built with her relaxed me enough to feel comfortable with her. You don't get that trust and respect and relationship in the hospital near me. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, enter key isn't working on here again.

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