My son was diagnose protein allergie and reflux from an early age. He was put on various medications and milks, none of which helped. He was always uncomfortable and would permently need to burp, over 10 times after each feed which would take hours as they seemed to be stuck. He was always a difficult feeder, I used dr brown bottles, but it was like he was pushing air into the bottles as he fed, i could see the air bubbles going into the bottles, plus he was really noisy at sucking. They did a few test on him, xrays and an endoscopy, but nothing came of it. At about 9 months the burping issue seemed to go away. He wasnt needing to burp so much and he was bringing them up by himself. He would still wake up lots through the night crying and uncomfortable, sometimes every 30mins and I would have to pick him up as he wouldnt settle back. This stopped when he was about 1yr old. Every now and again he cries in his sleep, but not very often.

I thought it had gone and just made sure he neved had milk or soya. Now he has always been a fussy eater. He was hard to wean as he refused most foods. Even now he only eats certain foods. If he sees something he doesnt know he almost shakes and screws up his nose. He picks tiny bits off and may try it or just throws it away. We are seeing a dietician for this. He doesnt talk, at all. He doesnt even say mama or dada, he makes no noises except or grunts or screams. He never babbles, he is extremely clingly to me and cries when i leave the room. He often just wants to sit on my lap or be cuddled or carried. He has bad tantrums, where he can end up pulling his hair, sticking his fingers down his throat to gag or he bangs his head. Some days are worse than others and sometimes he will be a different child and play nicely, but he is very easily irritated.

I am concerned tha maybe he still has reflux and I didnt realise. I only realised as I read online that it can cause all these issues. I am worried about his development and I spent so many months crying over reflux, but to make it worse my new baby is exactly the same, lots of stuck burps and always uncomfortable. I just wanted to know if this makes any sence to you and if you think his behaviour maybe because of reflux? Thank you