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    Quote Originally Posted by RoseKathleen View Post
    I was rather lucky with the two names of my kids - no-one said anything bad about "Connor" - although several people called him Cooper for a while. I had some negative comments about the spelling of Jorja's name - but I just pointed out that I spelt her name phonetically, and how do you teach a child to spell when if you sound out her name it say Gee-Ore-Guy-Ah. I guess I was lucky because Connor was the nineteenth grandchild of my parents. And I couldn't be worse than some of the names my siblings have chosen! My mother is the Queen of bad comments: When one sister said she was naming her unplanned daughter "Jedda", my mother asked if she was expecting the baby to be black? My brother couldn't name his daughter "Holly" because if she couldn't pronounce her Hs she would be "Olly". My mother also refuses to call my nephew by his given name because it is the same name as his father. She also told my sister she couldn't name her daughter "Samantha" because it is a boys name. "Timothy" was a dog's name. "Beau" was just silly. "Coen" is spelt wrong. "Aurora" is awful. "Delilah" is a prostitute's name. And "Ryder" isn't a name at all, its a noun. And guess what? We all just roll our eyes at her and do whatever WE want!!!
    WoWzer! Lol she sounds rather full on when it comes to baby names hahahaha

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    I receive both lovely compliments and some confused looks too.

    The most negative comment was from BIL. When DS1 was born, he congratulated us and then said "That's not a name I would have picked though". Nice!


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