I really need advice or suggestions on what I can do to make my life easier by getting my children to sleep better and settle at night.
I have 2 ds' 4.5&3.

Im at my wits end.
Im just so mad every nighy I want to cry.

Both my boys are in daycare ds1 3 days and kindy 2 days and ds2 5 days.

At child care they let ds2 sleep for 2 hours a day. On the weekend he doesnt even have a nap and still doesn't get tired till 10.30/11 at night. Ive asked the child care dozens of times if they can limit his naps to 30 minutes and they say yes but he has 2+hours.

Trying to get him to sleep is killing me.

Im a single mum and my children are cared for only by me their dad isnt around.

I aim to get them in be by 8.30pm. Around 8 I get take them to the bathroom to brush their teeth.. but they just wont cooperate. They throw themselves on the floor and then run off, they wont eat all day no matter how much they are asked at day care and home then right before bed they say how hungry they are so I give them something to eat.. they eat it and then thats not enough so more food and they keep doing that... they scream and kick when I try to put them in bed...

They constantly get out of their beds and laugh and jump up and down (I sit in their with them or they just run in and out of their room). The only time they stay in their bed is when im reading the bedtime stories then once thats finished they just go insane. They dont care about not having a story or not having a toy if they are naughty they think its funny. Its just such a fight and it's so hard....

I constantly put them back in bed till about 11.30-12 and by then im so exhausted I just want to sit and cry. Ds1 wakes throughout the night screaming and I get hardly any sleep.

They then sleep in and it makes it so hard to get them ready in the mornings.... even when I wake them up early they wont go to bed any earlier.

What can i do? ??? Any suggestions please!!!