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    Default Betta fish?

    Do you have a betta fish or gold fish?

    I don't know what to do with mine, I think he's dying.

    He hasn't eaten over the last few days, but looked fine, but just sat on the bottom of the tank. I cleaned his tank out tonight and he's like mouldy and his fins are in an awful state.. It come on really quick

    I think he has columnaris or a fungal infection...

    He has a heater, filter etc. I change his water regularly and put betta conditioner is his water. He's in a 10l tank by himself.

    What should I do? Should I put him down? If so, how? Or what should I get him from the pet store? He's in a pretty bad state

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    Do you check your pH of the water? If he's got blackening around the edges of his fins/tail that can be burn from the water being too acidic or alkaline. Otherwise pet store will probably sell an anti fungal if you want to try that.

    I don't know about euthanasia. I nursed my goldfish back from several float bladder issues and pH burn over the years but he recently passed and it was a slow and excruciating experience as he just kept hanging in there. Might have been kinder to put him down but I didn't think he'd keep living for so many days being so unwell.

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