Hi there this is so my first time to post on the forum or any forum regarding my anxiety / panic attacks.
Mine started about one year ago when I was at my desk at work. My heart started to flutter / palpitations, I was light headed and felt like I was going to pass out, sweaty and my body got the shakes, felt like I wanted to vomit. I was taken to hospital where they did test and were all clear but they picked up a weak heat murmur I was referred back to my gp who sent me to see a cardiologist (as my dad had some heart troubles). I had a holtor monitor and echocardiogram and was told all was good. Then it was put down to anxiety.
I have had another 3 major panic attacks since then but feel symptoms just about every day. I wake up feeling hungover (and I don't even drink). I get light headed and palpitations throughout the day and feel like I could just sleep all the time. Going to work is a struggle as I am scared it will happen there again and I don't want it to so every night I wonder how I will wake up feeling (and I know that's not helping).
I do find that symptoms are worst the week before and the week of my period, I started to see a nauthopath and she spoke to me about hormones and told me to take magnesium and also a mutli b tablet, I also take a iron tablet as my iron has been low in the past.
i do see a psychologist as well which helps.
I look forward to hearing a update on how you are going, it's hard to deal with and do me it's getting my mind around that anxiety can actually make you feel this bad and that it's no anything bad.