I'm a bit confused - everything I read seems to indicate the embryo transfer if normally done using ultrasound.

I have had two transfers done now (latest a week and a half ago now,and pretty sure AF is kicking in today)

I am going to Fertility First in Hurstville. They get you to have a full bladder, which I thought was required for ultrasound, yet as far as I can tell they don't use ultrasound in the transfer. They show me the eggs waiting to be transferred on a screen, then the doctor seem to just transfer them in by eye. (Screen now just a seascape or something)

Is this normal? Is it a technique this clinic uses? Is there some kind of fancy ultrasound I'm not aware of that is invisible to the recipient??! I tried to ask the technician on the day, but I couldn't remember the term 'ultrasound' and she didn't understand what I was asking.

What level of information do you generally receive about your IVF process? I notice a lot of people talking about blood result levels, and egg quality ratings. I haven't been told this stuff. Should I be asking?

Thanks - I'm doing this alone, and feel a bit confused by the process sometimes.