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    Default TMI - gross poo's...

    My 2yr old occasionally has the most awful foul poo's and they are massive, diarrhea and leak. The smell is like nothing ive smelt before - almost like curdled off milk. They leave her with a nasty rash and she cries every time she does a wee afterwards. Can barely walk. So it must sting. We change her straight away of course but sometimes she does it thru the night and wont wake up. So its really nasty to deal with in the morning.

    We dont know what causes these poo's. We thought a possible dairy intollerance? But she doesnt poo like this often enough and has cow's milk a couple times a day and yoghurt most days. It mabe occurs once or twice a month sometimes not at all for ages.
    She has always had lots of BM's upto 3 a day. I dont know if that's normal? We keep clear of dried fruit and too much fibre for this reason. No juice.
    When she eats oates/porridge, they go straight thru her by that afternoon - almost looks the same as it went in. Normal...or?

    Is it worthy to speak to a GP about this? Its more how upset she is after the poo - the rash and it stings that bothers her...and me. We cream her up but she is screaming her lungs out while we try to clean her up and put cream on. Then she can barely walk.

    She's not Toilet trained.

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    DD has bad poos that burn immediately when she is teething. She had this with her 1 year molars and is getting it again occasionally as her 2 year molars are due. She starts crying the minute she goes and I change her straight away but her bottom is already burnt and sore.

    I just try to change her ASAP and keep some curash on her as a barrier. I haven't identified anything in her diet which causes it. Poor things, you feel so sorry for them.


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