We are searching for an angel to help us make our family complete!
It is hard to know what to write, so we thought we would start with a little about ourselves and our journey up to this point. We are both 38 year old, fit and healthy school teachers who love kids.
My 'infertility' journey began many years ago and for me, a lifetime ago. In my early twenties I needed abdominal surgery, that unfortunately caused scar tissue to block my tubes. It wasn't until my early thirties when my husband and I tried to conceive that my problems came to light. We were told by our IVF doctor that IVF would not be a possibility for us due to the blocked tubes and scar tissue :-( He suggested we buy more 'cats and dogs' as children just weren't going to happen for us, or more specifically, me. Although devastated by the news, we both tried to move on with our lives but it was a hard journey and we eventually separated.
Fast forward to today, where I am in a happy and supportive relationship with an amazing man who is incredibly understanding of my fertility 'issues'. Along with our two cats and dogs, we also share custody of his beautiful daughter who we both absolutely love and adore. Although we both love being with her and thoroughly enjoy caring for, and nurturing her, it would still be lovely to have a child of our own.
After many years, we went back to the same IVF doctor to see if there was any chance my eggs could now be retrieved for IVF. He gave me hope when he said that even though I still wouldn't be able to use my own eggs, with the medical advances over the last few years, donor eggs could now be used. This was very exciting for both of us to hear!
So it is at this point we now begin our search for our very own egg donor angel - a wonderful kind hearted and generous lady who might be able to help us try and have a child of our own.
If you think you may be able to help us please don't hesitate to contact us on my email, kokotazma@hotmail.com. or phone - 0439797898.
We both look forward to hearing from you, and thank-you for taking the time to read about our journey.
Take care,
Lisa and Edward