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Oh man. I have a few. I worked with this romanian guy, who was sweet enough. We were cleaners at a school and part of our job was cleaning toilets..... well I had the pleasure of working very closly with him sometimes if he needed help. I would watch him go from the toilet, toilet sink, kitchen to dining with the same rag. He was cleaning everything with the same rag he just used on the toilet.... not just the seat but the rim also and the urinal. YUCK!! The same guy also dropped a roll of tp in the toilet, lifted it out and placed it in the cipboard to dry and then put it on the dispenser when it dried so people can use it. All the while not washing his hands once... and he never wore gloves. He always smelt bad and was the worst at personal hygeine and cleaning.
That is just absolutely vile

I do worry about that with cleaners (not using different cloths for different jobs). I'm sure most wouldn't be like the Romanian guy, but geez, it's worrying!