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    Default 15 month co-sleeping daughters sleeps on top of me!

    My 15 month old co-sleeping daughter always has to sleep on top of me. Usually on top of my upper chest or head. She is always on the same pillow as me and as I try to move away from her I end up on the very edge of the bed. I move to the other side and sometimes to the end of the bed and she will follow me. She is very attached to me but I am getting a terrible sleep and don't know what to do. I put a pillow between us but she just climbs over it. Neither of us are emotionally able to sleep apart from one another so moving her to another bed isn't an option. She has slept on a mattress in the lounge room outside my door and has ended up in the dining room looking for me. She has respiratory issues as well so I am too anxious to sleep her away from me. Is there anything I can do just to prevent her or encourage her from sleeping on top of me?!

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    My son used to do that too! He would always have to fall asleep lying right across my chest or even on my face. I can't really remember how but he just grew out of it. I think I encouraged him to have a little cuddle with me and then go on his own pillow with me cuddling him somehow. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Usually I could just move him once he was asleep. Even now at nearly 3yo he still likes to have physical contact at night. Sorry, not much help but thought I'd share.


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