My daughter is year 1 at our local state school. It was a great school for prep, but now I am less than satisfied. They seem to have dropped the ball. her smarts were celebrated in Prep, but now it seems (to me, anyway) almost as though the school has decided she is too smart, so are opting not to teach her. I am doing heaps of work at home with her (thank you, Google), but I am no teacher.

Anyway, I am wanting to change schools for year 2. Am putting in applications for St Kevins, Guardian Angels, St Hildas, Emmanuel, but also Queensland Independent College. It SEEMS like a fantastic little school, focussing on the child's ability, NOT their age, but I've never met anyone who has a kid there. Can anyone comment on it, or any of the other schools I mentioned? Would love to hear what anyone has to say - good OR bad!!

Thanks xxx