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    Default pcos and ivf

    Hi all,

    First time long time =) we've been ttc for nearly 3 yrs now. Am on 12th Clomid cycle now and the last three with injections. If this cycle doesn't work we move to ivf. I am really struggling to keep my hopes up and wondering if anyone wanted to share their stories of Pcos and ivf? I am and always have been healthy weight, but there is a history of insulin resistance and Pcos in the family. My doc says i have a type of Pcos that affects small women. I'm on metformin as well.

    Thank you all for your support !

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    Wow you sound similar to me I'm doing my last cycle on OI with gonal F
    and will be going onto IVF next we've been trying for 3 years, but have only been having treatment for a year and a half, I also have a normal healthy weight and a rediculously healthy diet, it's so hard people say its all about staying positive but every time you get that negative result its heart breaking!
    My doctor has told me IVF will be a difficult process because I have about 50plus eggs, they will be poor quality, so they will be a couple of months of trying to squash them down then to stimulate them so I hopefully only have a few grow that are better quality.


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