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    Default What the heck do I do!!!!

    Ds is 2.5 and is really starting to act up. He bites, kicks, punches, slaps.....you name it he does it. He mainly does it to myself and my mother and doesn't really do it to males.....have asked daycare how he behaves and if there has been any incidents but they say he is one of their best behaved kids!

    When we are at home I just sit him down explain what he did wrong and walk away......I'm not against giving a smack if needed but I don't see much point in punishing him for hurting me by hurting him back.....in my eyes that just encourages the behavior.

    He has also just started to play up in public as well. And I have no idea what to do then either......I had one old lady come up to me and say I should just give him a smack! But I don't think that that's appropriate in public and he isn't at the age where you can bring it up 5mins later in private to displine! I mean everyone goes through the stage of being embarrassed in public by their screaming child but how did you deal with it???

    I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 so I know it's a big thing for him and will be stressing him out.....but it's no excuse for this behavior!

    I guess I just want your advice!!! How do you discipline a 2.5 boy!

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    I absolutely hear you on this one!! My 3 year old ds does this, and sometimes my 4.5 year old dd does this too, total meltdowns at the shops, tantrums, screaming at the top of their lungs, yet at daycare, they are really well behaved. I had one lady tell me to watch Super Nanny (I think that's what it was called..)so I did. lol. When I would put dd in the naughty corner, she would just walk out from it, and in the episode the nanny would just keep putting the child back, even 20 times in a row and eventually the child got it.. but as for the shops and the carry on, I just grit my teeth really and try to distract them with something as best as I could. I think most kids go thru this stage. try not to stress tho, I have heard it eventually passes.. my dd's tanty's are getting less and less.


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