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    Thank you so much for your responses so far!!

    As some pp have said, I was really against co sleeping before actually having a baby..

    My concerns were/are:

    Creating a really dependent baby (needs to be around me all the time - won't settle on their own)

    Rolling on them & suffocating them

    Not being able to break the habit & having a child sleeping with me for ages!

    However, I've been amazed at just how aware I am of my surroundings when sleeping.. I also really like that my son is a bit of a mummy's boy... Although it can be a pain when he just wants me & my partner can't settle him.

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    The benefits are the cuddles and the fact that you don't need to get up to bubs overnight - bubs is right there! It's particularly nice in winter . I never really managed BFing with my ds in bed at all and didn't really find it great with my dd, but did BF in bed a few times.

    The biggest issue for me is that my dd likes to be in my arms, sharing my pillow and that means I can't move around. So, that means a sore back and sometimes upper body when she shares the bed with me. And generally I sleep worse when she is in the bed and so does dh. But, when she's super unsettled & I'm tired it's better than sitting up with her.

    Another issue is that sometimes my dd is super restless in bed including throwing her arms around (in her sleep). I've been hit in the face SO many times ... not very conductive to sleep for me! She currently has Croup & I had to sit up with her for 2 hours last night as every time she coughed she flung her arms & legs around (a lot) and so lying down with her wouldn't have worked. Thankfully dh is away so eventually when she was a little more settled she got half of the King sized bed and we both got a bit of sleep.


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