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    Dd was sleeping with a pillow and quilt from about 12 months.
    At 16 months we put a toddler bed in her room and just ignored it being there. At 18 months she decided that she wanted to sleep in it and transitioned perfectly.

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    Up untill 1 week ago my son was still in a cot. For his 3rd b'day we painted & decorated the bedroom which would become his (double bed) & had just gradually been talking about sleeping in a bed, etc. It didn't seem to faze him, he still preferred his cot then one night he said 'bed' & went and got in it after his bath routine so we let him sleep in there, week later he is still sleeping in the bed at night & lunch nap.
    He has asked for his cot twice but I've just tried to ignore him & say how much more comfortable a big bed is!
    We had no real reason to move him other then he was beginning to look a bit cramped in the cot, he has never climbed out of the cot & we've been lucky he treats the bed just like his cot & stays in there till I come in & get him up.

    *He was wearing those warm fluffy jumpsuits (with pj's underneath) in his cot with a blanket he'd kick off but has sheets & a doona in the bed he seems to be ok with the change, stays warm and hasn't been kicking the covers off.
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    We moved DS into a bed recently just after his 2nd birthday he's too big for a cot and couldn't roll over without smacking into the bars and waking because of it he would probably be fine with sheets and a doona but he is still wearing a grobag to sleep in with a blanket over the top some morning he's still under the blanket others he's not I found since moving him to a bed with a pillow (he always threw his pillow out of the cot so we stopped giving him one) he doesn't move around as much cause he likes his head on the pillow


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