Hi everyone :-)

I am writing to see if anyone has had Endometritis postpartum & to hear their experiences with this yucky infection.

I was diagnosed with Endometritis a month after having my 3rd child, it's was dealt with after a 5 day hospital stay on I'VE antibiotics (I also had a mastitis!). After that episode the OB suggested a curettage, which I had done as well as a Mirena inserted for contraception. After 3 months with the Mirena in, I had turned into a different person!!! It was horrible. I had it taken out about 8 weeks ago. Then about 2 weeks ago, I started having terrible cramping with pain down my legs and in my back. It progressively got worse, so I headed off to the doctor last week who told me it looks like I have Endometritis. So I'm on 3 different antibiotics & feel horrible as well as chasing after 3 young children.

Has anyone had recurrent Endometritis (not endometriosis)? Any what treatments have you received to clear it up? I am really hoping these antibiotics clear up the infection as I just feel rubbish.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!