I am an independent research on maternal health and wellbeing. I have established an internet site at: www.maternalhealthandwellbeing.com and have launched an online professional development course for the relevant practitioners. I am thinking about setting up a health consumer association on maternal health and wellbeing - focusing on the early years after the birth of an infant.

In my research to date have I found that most often women do not have an expectation that the maternal and child health services (after the birth) are there for them. Its pretty much all about the baby and the physical recovery of the mum.

I am writing to ask for your thoughts in this regard.

1. What has been your experience of the maternal and child health services?

2. What is your expectations of these services?

3. Do you think there is a need for a health consumer association?

You can send me an email if you would rather not share your thoughts in a public forum - inquiry44@gmail.com

Thanking you, Joan G