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    @Lisau77 It was recommended by my maternal & child health nurse. It's the bottle specifically, not formula. I'm not sure if it has to do with tooth / mouth development or simply it's easier to ween a one year old than have a four year old with a bottle every night.

    I can't recall why she was pushing it, but I'll ask again.

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    Hi again, no doubt Coz sucking on formula to go to sleep isn't great for teeth, less risk w sucking on on boob as I recall but hey... Theyre temp teeth, personally I'd look after them as best u can but still use a bottle at that age....if they get a hole it's not the end of the world.... But it's not like every Bub who sucks themselves to sleep in a bottle has cavities, most don't...
    Chn are notorious for having issues with various things... They have to pick on something! Do what feels right to u....


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