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    Default 16DPO - had light spotting/period and LOADS of symptoms but still BFN

    Hi all,

    I'm really confused and could use some help.

    I'm currently 16 DPO. From 9 DPO I had spotting and then a much lighter than normal AF from 12 DPO which only lasted 3 days (normally heavy and 5 days). From about 9 DPO I've been reaaaally tired, some nausea, vivid dreams, sleeping like a log (I'm normally a terrible sleeper). The last 3 days I've had headaches (I NEVER get headaches either) and when I've been exercising I have felt really faint - even doing normal exercise I normally do (I even ate some more carbs this morning to help and it didn't make a difference). My boobs feel bigger (never had sore boobs during AFO or anything, but they were sore about 14/15 dpo) and I have had some bloating and slight weight gain despite not changing my diet.

    I've done numerous HPT and they have all come back BFN, including one tonight.

    Has anyone else still been pregnant but getting negative HPT?

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    Hi Rowy

    How very frustrating for you!

    This has not happened to me but I have read stories of it happening to other women and the only way they got their BFP was with BT.

    If you are confident of when you O'd then I'd be going to GP for a BT.

    Good Luck


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